Wake up and smell the coffee!

Much of my day revolves around drinking coffee. My relationship with the beverage is not one of dependence (like it is for many), but of reverence.  Coffee emits the only aroma I can detect five rooms away, as I am quite sense-of-smell-challenged. Whether I am at my desk, a deposition or meeting with a client, […]

An Un-Safety Gate

A father of three and an owner of several canines, I am no stranger to safety gates. Whether to keep toddlers off the stairs or pups off the couch, my wife and I have purchased and have given away innumerable such devices over the past 25 years.  Some were plastic with lift gates, some wood […]

De-lead or De-fend

In 2003, the New York City Council amended Local Law 1 of 1982 to make it “the responsibility of every (multiple dwelling) owner…to investigate for lead-based paint hazards, to address such hazards on a case-by-case basis as the conditions may warrant,” and to remove lead paint that is peeling or chipping (as opposed to intact.) […]

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