Bed Sores: An Avoidable Agony

Bed sores (also known as decubitus or pressure ulcers) can form and develop rapidly in individuals confined to hospital and nursing home beds, and unchecked, they can lead to fatal infections.  This condition can be extremely painful to the patient and terribly distressing to loved ones helpless to provide relief.  With consistent turning and re-positioning, use of aerating devices (like air mattresses), and tendering of proper nutrition and adequate hydration, health care professionals can stem the incidence of this noxious phenomenon.  In New York, an individual who enters a health care institution without a bed sore has a right to leave the facility without a bed sore.  Within the past several years, we have taken a particular interest in helping people who have developed pressure ulcers and their families to obtain monetary recovery against the responsible parties.  If you or a loved one has sustained this condition because of health care neglect, please contact us for a free consultation.