Insurance and warranties for mobility products.


Scientific advances have brought us many household, industrial and medical products that have improved the quality and length of our lives.  But when a defective product causes injury, New York law addresses whether the one who designed, manufactured and/or distributed that defective product was negligent and to what extent each should be held responsible.

A product made available to the general public or to industry may be “defective” because it was improperly designed (the entire line is potentially dangerous), manufactured (it did not meet the design specifications), or marketed (it lacked adequate warnings or instructions for use.)

Whether you are the injured party, a seller, or the insurance company who must defend and perhaps indemnify a vendor, you must retain a law firm with experience in the many nuances of defective product law, particularly when these matters are brought in federal court.

We prosecute and defend lawsuits, particularly in Nassau and Suffolk counties, involving injury from defective products such as household appliances and power tools, industrial machinery and trailers, medical and contraceptive devices, playground and gymnasium equipment, toys, and food items.

Note: Do Not Discard That Defective Product!
If you have been injured by a defective product and you intend to pursue legal relief, you must preserve that defective product in its original condition and container or a court may dismiss your case. If you are an individual or a company in the chain of sale, you should maintain all available documentation (plans, specifications, drawings, diagrams, etc.), regarding the defective product’s design, manufacture, formulation, packaging, labeling and marketing.


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