We Are Innovative
Every legal situation is unique, even within a single area of the law. At KLG, we neither reinvent the wheel nor travel a pre-determined path. Our highly creative attorneys approach every matter with fresh eyes, evaluate relative strengths and weaknesses based upon a multitude of factors, and create innovative methods that are geared toward winning and satisfying the client’s goals.

We Are Proactive
We do not wait for things to happen.  We investigate all issues thoroughly and when possible, recommend alternatives to legal action such as negotiated settlements, arbitration and mediation. But when a lawsuit is either warranted or unavoidable, we litigate aggressively and prepare Court papers that undermine or severely limit our adversary’s case. Whichever path we take, we always maintain a proactive stance.

We Are Communicative and Responsive

Attorneys should not work in a vacuum.  The client and counsel must interact frequently in order to maintain focus on articulated objectives. We report periodically (in writing or by telephone), and in accordance with stated preferences. We prepare substantial reports in sufficient time to formulate settlement positions and/or trial strategy. In doing so, we foster good communication and ensure intelligent decision-making at all times.

We Are Effective

Our experienced attorneys maintain a hands-on approach, guided by the client’s handling requirements, invoicing guidelines and cost considerations. We provide personal accountability, offer competitive rates and a variety of fee options, and truly recognize that an invoice is not merely a firm’s request for payment but rather a report on legal activity that should reflect progress toward an efficient and a positive resolution.  We are proud of the results that we have achieved through pre- and post-litigation negotiation, settlement, alternative dispute resolution, oral and written argument and trial over the past 30 years.

We Are Informative

In environments that are rapidly changing, our attorneys utilize the latest technologies to stay current with important court decisions and scientific studies. We publish frequently in professional and trade journals and lecture regularly to the legal and business communities.  KLG’s adversaries and colleagues know that we are educated, conversant and experienced in our areas of concentration.


At the end of the day, quality tips the scales.

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