The private home is usually an individual’s or a family’s most valuable asset.  In uncertain or harsh economic times, the decision to buy, sell or refinance can be a difficult one.  And in an age of increased governmental and bank regulation, real estate transactions can be a very stressful and tricky process.

KLG represents purchasers and sellers of residential property and developers of commercial real estate.  We are always sensitive to the client’s needs and expectations, we ease anxieties and when necessary, we harmonize competing goals.  Our attorneys understand the competitive pressures of the real estate marketplace and are conversant with the different types of mortgages and co-op financing and the multitude of zoning and environmental laws.  KLG’s staff is highly accessible and brings an extraordinary amount of personal attention and “hand-holding” to every real estate transaction.  The world may change, but we remain organized, focused, efficient and able to handle any contingency.  And if one side does wrong or cries foul, our experienced litigators provide excellent counsel and service in a wide array of disputes, contractual and otherwise.

Recently, KLG was retained to represent an individual in the sale of a marital home some 22 years post-divorce.  When his former spouse refused to consent, we started a “partition” action to gain the court’s permission.  Unexpectedly, the recalcitrant former spouse counter-sued for other “marital” assets, including a portion of our client’s medical license.  What began as a routine real estate transaction morphed into matrimonial litigation in which KLG defeated the late counterclaims and won the client the right to sell the property.

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or litigating with regard to real estate, you need to retain counsel that will protect your interests above all and will take the stress out of the process, a firm like Kardisch Law Group PC.

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